Safes NOT in our IN-STOCK or INCOMING INVENTORY sections may take up to 20 weeks to receive depending on the manufacturer. The safe industry is currently experiencing unusually high demand and all manufactures are filling orders as fast as they can – we promise it will be worth the wait.

Compact Vaults

HD-200 Quick Vault
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HD-200 Quick Vault $179.99 USD

HD-300 Quick Vault
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HD-300 Quick Vault $224.99 USD

HD-50 Key Vault
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HD-50 Key Vault $29.99 USD

HD-90 Key Vault
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HD-90 Key Vault $65.99 USD

HD-100 Quick Vault
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HD-100 Quick Vault $154.99 USD

HDX-250 Smart Vault
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HDX-250 Smart Vault $249.99 USD

HDX-350 Smart Vault
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HDX-350 Smart Vault $359.99 USD